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  • Operating Dept Tel:+86 20-38480313
  • HR & Admin Dept Tel:+86 20-38480315
  • Engineering Dept Tel:+86 20-38480392
  • Bidding Agent Dept Tel:+86 20-38480330
  • Finance Dept Tel:+86 20-38480380
  • Cost Consulting Dept Tel:+86 20-38480372
  • General Office Tel:+86 20-38480382
  • Mr.Fu:+86 20-38480306

Guangdong Overseas Construction Consulting Co., Ltd.

      Guangdong Overseas Construction Consulting CO.,LTD. is a company established in 1993 that holds the comprehensive qualification of engineering supervision, the qualification of civil air defense engineering supervision and the environmental supervision qualification of construction projects, and it has qualification on national foreign contracting project, project bidding agency and government procurement agency. At the same time, it has the qualifications and ability to undertake the management of the agent building unit of the engineering, whole process consultation, project supervision and third party inspection. Our company is a member unit of China Construction Supervision Association, an executive director unit of Guangdong Construction Supervision Associat...


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