Guangdong Overseas Construction Consulting CO.,LTD. is a company established in 1993 that holds the comprehensive qualification of engineering supervision, the qualification of civil air defense engineering supervision and the environmental supervision qualification of construction projects, and it has qualification on national foreign contracting project, project bidding agency and government procurement agency. At the same time, it has the qualifications and ability to undertake the management of the agent building unit of the engineering, whole process consultation, project supervision and third party inspection.

Our company is a member unit of China Construction Supervision Association, an executive director unit of Guangdong Construction Supervision Association, and a member of Guangzhou Construction Supervision Association. And our company has been rated as an advanced engineering supervision enterprise by the China Construction Supervision Association for many times and has been rated as an advanced engineering supervision enterprise by the Guangdong Construction Supervision Association for 12 consecutive years.

Our company has more than 800 professional and technical personnel and complete professional and technical support. Among the 800 professional and technical personnel , 183 of them have senior title, 462 of them have intermediate title, and more than 200 of them are national registered supervision engineer, registered cost engineer, registered A level construction engineer, registered safety engineer, registered consulting (investment) engineer, tenderer, registered A level structural engineer. And our company is also equipped with a variety of engineering measurement and testing equipment.

The types of projects we provide services include aerospace engineering, are public buildings, super high-rise buildings, super high-rise building, urban complexes, residential buildings, school buildings, hospital buildings, star hotel buildings, culture and sports buildings, large steel structure engineering, prefabricated buildings, municipal roads and bridges, integrated pipe galleries, sponge cities, landscape ecological engineering, electric power engineering, hydraulic engineering, communication engineering, etc. And we have also undertaken the supervision tasks of foreign aid projects in more than 20 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. More than 100 projects supervised by our company has won various awards like the LubanPrize for Construction Project, the Zhantianyou Civil Engineering Prize, the Decoration Award for National Construction Engineering, the AAA-Level Safety and Civilized Standard Construction Site and the Goldsmith Award for the Construction Engineering in Guangdong Province, the Quality Award for the Provincial and Municipal Construction Engineering, and the Safety and Civilization Construction Demonstration Site for the Provincial and Municipal Housing and Municipal Engineering, etc. And the representative engineering are the following engineering: the project supervision of T1 terminal building of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, the project provision of T2 terminal building and GTC Transportation Center, Building for the General Chamber of Commerce in Foshan, WingCan Centre IFC, Guangdong Gotone Building, Guangdong Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Lushan Industrial Park in Hefei (prefabricated building), Huanba Road Municipal Engineering of Shenzhen International Biological Valley, as well as the foreign aid projects such as the Guinea-Bissau Military General Hospital and the Office Building of Ministry of Defence in East Timor that are built with the aid of China.

Our company has passed the system certification for quality, environment, occupational health and safety and information security management, and our company has been rated as“Enterprise with Credit” for 16 consecutive years and has been rated as the tax credit A-level taxpayer by the Tax Bureau for many years.

While expanding and strengthening the domestic supervision market, our company also grasps the opportunity of “One Belt And One Road”to participates in the supervision of national foreign aid engineering actively, and strives to develop international engineering consulting business. Our company has a group of senior experts in the field of construction at home and abroad as well as professionals in technology, economy and management, and adheres to our company's service tenet of "Integrity, customer first, high-level supervision, and high-intelligence consultation". In order to get good economic and social benefits, our company also actively explores and applies information technology (Such as BIM technology and big data) to improve the quality and service level of consulting services, and faithfully provides full-process and all-round consulting services to customers.